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Oaxaca’s spas offer gyms, massages, and diverse treatments to relax, humidify the skin, and to recover lost energy. The spas in Oaxaca use alternative medicine as well such as local herbs, plants, and fruits that grow in the area. Most of the resorts hotels in Oaxaca offer high end spas complete with manicure services, massage, spa and some even have a gym to workout in. We have a spectacular selection of Oaxaca Mexico Spas and Retreats. Including Oaxaca spa treatments and spa procedures in Oaxaca, Mexico Spas in Oaxaca
  Hacienda Los Laureles $$$$ - 5 Star, 4 Diamond hacienda hotel with 16 room and 9 suites * Spa with a traditional "temazcal," or indigenous steam bath * Upscale restaurant and bar * Located 15 minutes from downtown Oaxaca * Tel: 951-501-5300

La Mano Magica
- Immerse yourself in the healing traditions of Mexico * Temazcal treatments, indigenous herbal sauna that clenses and purifies your body, mind and soul * Finish with a 4 course Oaxaca meal * Price includes 6 hour healing art immersion * Located 30 minutes from downtown Oaxaca and transportation is provided * Tel: 951-516-4275 or US: 310-455-6085
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